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Its Only Energy Workbook (Hardcopy)

Its Only Energy Workbook (Hardcopy)

"Its Only Energy" is a workbook that provides straightforward explanations about the concept of energy. In a time where "energy" has become a popular trend, with discussions about protecting one's energy and manifesting destiny, this workbook aims to clarify these notions. It educates you on the essence of energy and offers practical, weekly exercises to assist you in incorporating it into your daily life.

This workbook is suitable for individuals ranging from beginners to experts. The weekly exercises are carefully crafted to foster accountability and enhance your ability to effectively harness your innate energy.

Furthermore, "Its Only Energy" is a valuable resource for those seeking support in emotional regulation, addressing communication challenges, boosting self-esteem, and navigating hostile work environments.

  • workbook

    You will be provided with a monochrome workbook that you can use for jotting down notes and tracking your progress.

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