Prepare Enrich Assessment and Workbook

Prepare Enrich Assessment and Workbook

Preapare Enrich, adapts and reacts to the changing reality of relationships through continued research and development of assessment versions and resources.  The reliability of the assessment and feedback guided by our Facilitators help couples strengthen and enrich their relationships.

  • Prepare Enrich

    Getting engaged? Moving in together? Combining finances? Getting married. Becoming parents? Changing career?  Moving to a new city? Adjusting to an empty nest?  Retirement?

    Couples encounter countless transitions throughout the course of their relationship. ITS OKAY Some are minor blips on the radar, while others are much more disruptive. Big or small, most transitions require lots of reflective work and compassion. sometimes we do not have the tools to get through this transition. Your journey is unique, allow me to be your GPS.