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Spiritual Wellness is Wealth

Welcome to Calandria Coaching and Consulting Inc. 

Its my pleasure to provide Holistic Spiritual Wellness. My name is Calandria and I provide an array of services that contribute to spiritual wellness. As a trained behavioral health professional I provide an unique approach to health and spiritual wellness. On the behavioral health side, I help individuals, couples and families with healthy life goals, which could be premarital counseling, parenting, emotional management (Anger Management), career transitions, and even weight loss goals. The Possibilities we can work on are unique to you and will be determined after a semi brief assessment where we  will discuss goals and an action plan. 

Sometimes we have encounters that do not bring the best out of us. Sometimes the consequences of those times involve law enforcement and result in arrest and or probation and parole. I provide court ordered services to defendants such as:n Anger Management Evaluations, Anger Management Classes with certificate, Shoplifting Diversion with certificate, Moral Restitution Course, Parenting Classes with certificate and Conflict Resolution Classes 

Its only Energy 

Unlock the key information you’ve been looking for by reading It’s Only Energy. Trying to start your spiritual journey can be difficult without guidance. Manifesting the best things in life comes with a new mindset. Learning how to tap into that mindset is what Its Only Energy does in a self paced workbook typically done one activity a week leading to a 6 week spiritual journey.


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Coach Calandria (Kah-lan-dre-ah)

 Thanks for visiting my website. Coach Calandra, is driven by the accomplishments of her clients. Those accomplishments are why individuals, couples and families work with me .I believe the best thing you will hear about my services is that I am imaginative and use nontraditional methods to educate and exercise options to create a better picture. I know my couples clients enjoy the fact that we will use the Global Standard from Prepare Enrich. In addition to P/E, we can also use the Gottman tools at my disposal.  All of my tools are used to sharpen the skills of my clients to strengthen and enrich their relationships.

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